The Kid Can Binge

I’ve decided to start another section of my blog devoted to films and television shows I become severely attached to! It never takes much for me to be intrigued and caught up in a fictional land where people I’ll never meet feel like my BFFs and crushes.

So whatever is floating my boat currently, I’ll try to update and fill you in on what’s good to keep your eye out on. Reviewing shows and films so you can get addicted….just. like. me 😀 Your Must-Watch-One-Stop




Hi All! If you’ve found this page I have bad news and good news!

Bad news, the pages that were originally posted to this blog have since been removed from my blog! But don’t worry (now this is where the good news comes) you can find all my binge adventures, here, and more on a new blog I have focused on pop culture and my fangirl status: The Bionic Fangirl. I’m so excited to share this with you and it’s time to spread my wings in regards to blogging topics. Don’t worry, I’m still keeping this blog, which will be focused mainly on bookish topics!

Come check out the new site

*disclaimer: GIFs not owned by me, courtesy of Google Images*


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