Geek-Out 1.0 – ModCloth

Not sure how I’m going to set this up, so this post is just a trial of where I’m posting this.

This is a section where I’d like to get to share with the few who browse my blog an insight on what I’m the most excited about currently. Like so excited I’ve become such a nerd, erm, a GEEK, about how everyone needs to be up on the coolness. Music, film, apps, accessories, clothes, websites, you name it– if I’m obsessed, you’ll be hearing about it.



First Geek-Out Den alert!

I mean, just look at how geeky? I used Star Trek font for my first post…I think we can all agree Trekkies are at the top of the Geek-Food-Chain pyramid 😉


Now if you don’t know me, I’d like to introduce you to my fashion style. AKA I have none. If I wear a t-shirt and jeans/lazy pants, I’m okay with the world and I’m as comfortable as can be. Also FYI, my body type is probably average for most Americans–on the plus-side, so it’s hard for me to be super fashionable because 1. hardly ANY clothing companies want to make clothes for people to fit into them and 2. clothing companies seem to have missed the memo that we’re a country of overweight therefore keeping sizes 00-8 or XS-L just won’t cut it for like 75% of the population that need to dress themselves on a daily basis….which is like all of us. So that’s why I stick with my t-shirts and jeans. Can’t go wrong 🙂

My fashion sense:

So I stumbled upon this website forever ago…or did I find it floating on Twitter? Whichever the case, I decided to dive into a hipster-y, adorably vintage yet modern clothing line called, ModCloth:

They’ve been around for awhile but I guess I never thought to have checked it out….BUT! This store has the coolest clothes and what’s even better? PLUS SIZES!! HOLLER! If I had more money I would’ve gone crazy on this site, but I made my selection wisely…or as my parents thought, CLEARLY unwise, but what do they know. When finding a new website to shop at, clothing-wise, I like to check out the Sales items first or if I delve into the rest of the website I’ll shop for the most affordable with the most quality aka cheap! Because I can’t try it on without buying first, I feel this is easier to start off that way I’m not spending a fortune if it’s not what I expected or if they have a weird return policy. Logical. Therefore my money isn’t completely wasted and I’ve had success with this in the past. I usually like to find dresses because at work they’re the easiest thing to pick out of my closet when running late which is always. And I’m bigger on top, hourglass shape, so things with an appropriate bust size are hard to find.

As I perused through pages of clothes (that I wished were hanging in my closet) finally I stumbled upon something I had to OWN. They were bottoms and they were AWESOME! If I had a different body shape I probably could find more stylish things, but I have to work with what I’ve got, so the minute I saw them and read a few reviews of ladies who were a bit bigger and had purchased them, I knew they needed to be in my shopping cart! Next up I needed a top because these were no ordinary leggings, so I purchased a top that would complement it well. And as a bonus I decided to get some cheap-y but cute summery sunglasses.

BEHOLD MY GOODS! And yes I might’ve taken pics like I was running a fashion show for…myself and invisible crowd.

comes in the cutest, whimsical box

comes in the cutest, whimsical box

summer fun shades...also perfect accessory for when I read SInce You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

summer fun shades…also perfect accessory for when I read SInce You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

universe leggings ....aka my favoritest thing I own...ever!

universe leggings ….aka my favoritest thing I own…ever!

**shirt I purchased was not included simply because I didn’t end up taking a pic with it**

My first purchases from ModCloth did NOT disappoint! I was so happy with how fast they shipped, their reasonable prices, friendly social media service, and I cannot wait to buy more! Shirt was *slightly* tighter in my arms–upper arm area, but I’m working on losing weight and plan on making it fit. Plus the size I had wanted was sold out, so my fault thinking I could fit into the size I probably was making a stretch into. But I’m still keeping the shirt which was a tunic and cannot wait to wear them all out!

Signing off now and thanks for letting me share my Geek-Out!

Here are links to the items mentioned in this post:

Pam Breeze-ly Tunic:

Universe Leggings:

Hearts Sunglasses:


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