Geek-Out 3.0 – TeeFury

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrr . . . . .

Mid-July is when Geekdom becomes Christmas for four days in San Diego at a little thing called Comic-Con.

It also becomes the time of year I want to stuff myself silly with ice cream and hate everything because I’m not there looking at all of that awesomeness!

One of the things I love about all of the Comic Con fun is to see everyone discuss and show off their fandom pride! A great and easy way to show this (besides serious cosplay) is to wear geeky t-shirts! They are my actual addiction aka why I have so much credit card debt, and the site I consistently hit up for the best designs is! I mean one of today’s TeeFury daily tees is a classic example of how desPRATT-ly I need one! Hahaha! Well if you look at today’s design (it changes daily) you’d see that it’s artwork with Peter Quill aka Chris Pratt with four raptors drawn all around him. It mixes his Guardians of the Galaxy character with his Jurassic World character 🙂

July 9, 2015’s design by Brandi Kenney

That’s another thing that I love about these designs, they can be crossovers! Whether it’s a fusion of pop culture references or directly referencing what fandom they’re apart of, the design is always unique! Designs started out as 24 hour only purchases but now the site has expanded to having collections for sale as well! The prices for the daily tees are $11, but the collections are usually priced ranging between $17-$20 or slightly more depending on the item for purchase. The awesome thing is that TeeFury, in my opinion, is taking off and seems to be generating more business. This means a higher demand of great products and also branching out into other apparel besides just t-shirts. Now they offer posters, ugly sweaters, sneakers, mugs, and leggings! I’m very excited to get my hands on leggings because TeeFury is also taking into account that fandom lovers come in all shapes and sizes, aka PLUS SIZES! As a bigger girl, this makes me smile from ear to ear!

One last thing I want to mention, this website/company also launches designers getting their artwork out for everyone to see. It’s so amazing to see some of the great designs get placed on apparel and it’s an awesome advertisement for that artist. Very cool indeed.

Recently TeeFury posted that they wanted customers to share their stories and I couldn’t wait to share mine in a blog post!

So behold a peek at some of my awesome collection of TeeFury merchandise I’ve collected and worn proudly over the years since I discovered them! I did mention in the beginning of this post that I’ve got a slight addiction to buying these tees; presently I own 16 (this might be off by 1 or 2…clearly I have a lot). Lastly, TeeFury is at SDCC this week and hosting awesome challenges to win tees! I’m going to NYCC in October and will be proudly sporting the many tees I own because of TeeFury! Maybe I’ll see them there as well 😀


Hope everyone has an awesome time in San Diego!


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