Book vs. Film – Oh the Horror, edition

Yes, it’s almost Halloween and I decided, what better than read a story that’s supposed to chill you to the bone? Yes. this a post you’ll want to read.



So I have a habit of just flying through a book and then pick up another, and then another, then I take a break and go back for more. A few weeks ago I was in the midst of this cycle and glanced at my calendar: October 14th. According to my simple and sophisticated math skills, it means there’s 17 more days until Halloween and this book, which I had bought the previous year (wanting to read for Halloween but chickened out), was just waiting to be read on my Kindle and was plenty of time. But really, was there? In fact there was…it took me a week but I powered thru this baby.

I have dipped myself in various genres while taking on my love of reading and have only truly stuck with Young Adult as my go-to. While I do experiment other sub-genres within Young Adult, besides my favorite which is contemporary, I step outside of these boxes and explore. My most recent exploration has been The Shining by Stephen King. I’ve never read Stephen King and as big of a film connoisseur that I am, I also have not seen the film. So already I’ve got my work cut out for me.

i went spooky with my filters


I’m thinking back and don’t think I’ve done a book vs. film post, I did on another blog I started for eight seconds but not on Sinister Kid’s blog. I attempted to put it on my TBR list earlier this year during Oscar season, but totally failed; and now having read the book and how long it took me I wouldn’t have made it anyway.

So going into this I had never read a lick of passages from the book and of the film I only knew bits and pieces.

There’s a kid who rides a tricycle down a hallway and sees a set of twins—this is courtesy of just moments before the fourth tornado hits a drive-in movie in the movie Twister.

Then I know a pretty famous line delivered by Jack Nicholson where he has an axe (I think) and says “Heeeeere’s Johnny!” and then smashes it into a door and the woman behind the door screams hysterical.

I know one last other snippet that I think I saw flipping channels one rainy weekend but I won’t give that away because it’s semi-vital.

So again I went into this pretty unknown of what the movie plot was, the book, and any artistic differences that had happened while it all came together.
And now, for your enjoyment, my thoughts on book to film adaptation for Stephen King’s The Shining:


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s discuss . . . . . . . . and dear God I really hope you didn’t love the movie…so here goes

This film blew. Like big chunks of “ego-I’m-going-to-do-it-my-way” kind of chunks. Stanley Kubrick, just what were you thinking?

The premise of Stephen King’s novel is that a recovering alcoholic, Jack Torrance, writer and former teacher needs a new position because he’s just been fired from his old one in New Hampshire, moves to Colorado with his wife, Wendy, and five year old son, Danny. Danny is smart, bright, and pretty friendly. Wendy is super timid, very loving, but can be very strong when it comes to her boy. The family moves to Colorado and Jack is given the position of caretaker for the Winter/Off-Season months to keep it going until doors open up in May. Just before they move in Danny’s imaginary friend, Tony, starts to let Danny see things dealing with the hotel and Jack learns stories from an employee, Watson, on the Overlook Hotel’s somewhat-shady past. After a month or so after moving in things are better with the Torrance’s but just when things go well, the hotel starts revealing it’s true self, plays tricks, and shows what an ugly thing it really is to the point of the destruction of certain characters.

Book vs. Film…why do I feel so strongly?

Because you’ve been given a piece of art that’s not really supposed to be interpreted as YOUR own but the AUTHOR’S own. You’ve read their vision, their story, now it’s time to do readers justice and record it live for all to watch. Make the words dance and come alive on the big screen.

So why does Jack in the movie mention Wendy loves horror movies? She doesn’t.

Why is Stuart Ullman, proud runner of the Overlook Hotel in it’s busy season, all peppy and thinking Jack is great for the job? He doesn’t. In fact, book version Ullman pretty much despises Jack and aires out poor Jack’s dirty laundry in the interview before Jack and his family move in.


Why does Danny say Tony lives in his mouth? Ummmm idk, and Danny moving his finger up and down, impersonating E.T. is the weirdest thing ever. Tony is just this figment of Danny’s imagination, but Kubrick was apparently on crack and instead of hiring a stand in person for Tony that only Danny can see was clearly just TOO MUCH for them to do.

How does Dick know how to go and search for Danny? Oh because he just randomly has this feeling after watching a weather report IN FLORIDA while naked women’s posters are all over his room….which totally has zero purpose

I can keep this list going but some pretty obvious characteristics of Jack/Danny/Wendy are completely missing in the film:

– Jack doesn’t act like he’s staying sober. He doesn’t wipe his mouth constantly, something he did habitually while drinking, and he also doesn’t chew on his Excedrin like they’re candy three at a time

– They refer to Danny by ‘doc’. Danny’s already had decent screen time and probably 30 mins into the movie when you meet Dick Hallorann do you ever hear Danny called ‘doc’. Never once does Wendy or Jack call him ‘doc’ but it’s like every other line in the novel.

-You don’t even know that Wendy and Jack are married. There’s no real love besides one peck on the cheek and that Jack refers to Wendy as ‘Babe’ right in the beginning. I felt zero chemistry and interest in these two.

….now i’m just going to randomly list things that are completely off from film to book:

– No mentioning of ANY Native American burial grounds
– No wasps….Jack doesn’t do any real maintanence
– No hedge animals
– No roque mentioned…no roque mallets
– Grady’s name is changed to be two different people….he’s definitely sporting the same name throughout the novel
– Jack never discovers the scrapbook and the Overlook’s history
– Dick never discusses Shining in-depth with Danny…Danny like hardly says ANYTHING in the film and he’s so talkative and cheery in the book. He eventually talks about his shine to Dick/Jack/Wendy….but Dick never tells Danny that he wants him to get in contact in case something goes wrong. CB radio doesn’t work.
– Jack never feels like he ever had any contact with the hotel in a previous life
– There’s no hedge maze
– Grady had two girls that weren’t twins (i’m like 99% positive but too lazy to look back in my book)….soooo WHO ARE THESE TWIN GIRLS POPPING UP?
– Wendy doesn’t even fight, she’s constantly running away and book Wendy was a fighter at the end
– Jack doesn’t even get to talk with Danny before everything goes down…Jack just changes and he’s gone
– Jack actually was writing a novel…he wrote more than “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” …this is true.
– The room is number 217…not 237, which irks me.

OKAYYYYYY that’s all the spoilers I’ll give you…my list is ridiculously epic butttt I’ve shared my piece. Poor Stephen King, you deserved better. Not because I didn’t fall in love with the book, it was creepy and an enjoyable read, but Kubrick’s “masterpiece” is pretty much utter shit. I don’t get the hype. And I’m a movie girl…like for reals.

The only benefit of me reading this and watching is….holy crap, I can’t believe Jack Nicholson ACTUALLY turns me on….

No I mean like what is wrong with me? He’s a dirty old man now. I don’t know why I’m thinking I need to stalk his IMDb and now watch everything he’s ever been in. It’s weird. I’m not okay with this last part. I think it’s actually SK’s fault because Wendy and Jack do it a few times in the book and this one scene…well I mean, it could’ve gone to a better place if Wendy didn’t say something that Jack ultimately hated and cockblocked the whole thing. It’s somewhere around the 57% area in Kindle/e-book versions hahhahahahahahah!


ANDDDDDD that’s my review…long. Probably not many will read but it needed to be posted. I put in the time to read and watch so my thoughts had to be jotted down. ** Also, all of the GIFs used within this post can be found here ….they were most helpful and none of these images are my own **

Until next time… Linz aka The Kid xx


Side Effects May Vary: Review

In early February I wanted to participate in a ARC tour that I saw via my Twitter feed, for the blog On the Same Page (former LitLushes). I was looking forward to joining and started right up as soon as the book arrived in my mailbox. I had seen it’s title pop up on my social media but wasn’t actually sure what the plot was about.

Side Effects May Vary
Author: Julie Murphy
Publisher: HarperCollins/ Balzer + Bray
Release Date: March 18, 2014
Pages: 336, Paperback
Received Copy: ARC tour at On the Same Page/Literary Lushes blog courtesy

Synopsis (via Goodreads):

What if you’d been living your life as if you were dying—only to find out that you had your whole future ahead of you?

When sixteen-year-old Alice is diagnosed with leukemia, her prognosis is grim. To maximize the time she does have, she vows to spend her final months righting wrongs—however she sees fit. She convinces her friend Harvey, whom she knows has always had feelings for her, to help her with a crazy bucket list that’s as much about revenge (humiliating her ex-boyfriend and getting back at her arch nemesis) as it is about hope (doing something unexpectedly kind for a stranger and reliving some childhood memories). But just when Alice’s scores are settled, she goes into remission.

Now Alice is forced to face the consequences of all that she’s said and done, as well as her true feelings for Harvey. But has she done irreparable damage to the people around her, and to the one person who matters most?

.  .  .  .

Side Effects May Vary features Alice, and her guy best friend’s, Harvey, lives that weave through past and present scenes as well as his/her points of view throughout the novel. Alice is a sophomore who gets the shock of her life when she gets told that she has cancer and the outlook for her future seems short. She’s in the prime of her teenage life: Prom, learning to drive, love, friendships, college decisions to look forward to–which now have all come to a halt because of her ailing health. Alice relies on Harvey, her best friend to lean on, and help her carry out some revenge on a not so nice ex-boyfriend and the school’s popular, bad girl as well as Alice’s nemesis. In the process Harvey and Alice have their friendship lines blurred and strengthened all throughout the book.

Overall this was a tough book to rate because I wasn’t much of a fan, but here goes…

Things I liked:

the Cover…
It’s colorful and very appealing to the eye. While looks may be deceiving, I knew looking forward to a heartfelt book that I wanted to invest my time in reading.

the Book Length…
I don’t think the book needed to be any longer than it should’ve been. Definitely just the right amount of pages–maybe a little more to the ending to thicken it out.

Things I didn’t like:

the Characters
Honestly, I don’t believe any of the cast of characters had any redeeming qualities about them. It’s difficult to immerse yourself in a story when you don’t enjoy either protagonists–they kind of drove me crazy. I could probably break down each one but I won’t. I also couldn’t identify myself with any of the characters, not on any real level. Yes I may have the desire to act out like Alice, be desperate like Harvey but in the end, their behavior just didn’t flow very well, I just wasn’t much of a believer.



the Ending
With everything that had happened to both Alice and her behavior and Harvey in his naivety, I had hoped the ending could save this and maybe for some readers it did get better, but for me, I stillwas not into it.


While I participated in the ARC tour, I still wanted to give my opinion. Truthfully I do not want to be a blog catered to just reviewing everything that I loved reading–I feel it’s important to focus on the good and not-so-good. Unfortunately, I haven’t had to write many not-so-good reviews–this is really my first. But the important thing is I want to give an honest opinion. I say if you were looking forward to reading the book you still should! I’d most likely borrow it from a friend or get it from the library in case you’re still skeptical and don’t end up liking it. Hopefully this wasn’t too harsh–there are tons of books that I fall head over heels reading and some just don’t appreciate them like I do, which is okay…I may be side-eyed and judging you, LOL, but I get it. You do have opinions too. I’d love for you to have the same respect for mine as I do for yours.

If you read it, let me know what you thought about it….did you like it? Agree or disagree? Thanks in advance!
Linz xx

Top Ten Tuesday: On My Reading Wishlist *spoilers*


It’s that time of the week where I have fun making a top ten list, courtesy of The Broke & the Bookish.

For January 21: Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist (if you could make authors write about these things you would. Could be a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a time period, a certain plot, etc.)

Now, I have to dig deep because I’ve read a lot (well not as much as I’d like to) and need to narrow down what would be the absolute bestest for my reading wishlist according to ME! 😀 PLEASE NOTE!!!!! SPOILERS WILL BE MENTIONED!!! Seriously, no joke, if you haven’t read the following: One Day, Just One Day, Just One Year, Eleanor & Park, Requiem (Delirium series), Gone Girl, Destroy Me (Shatter Me series), Anna and the French Kiss, Fracture Me (Shatter Me series), and/or Delirium (Delirium series) look away now!!! 

This is pretty much my favorite book ever. Anna and St. Clair, they’re just *hearts floating all around*….sighhhhhh. Anyway, I guess the fact that they’re still in the companion books to Anna, aka Lola and the Boy Next Door and should be in the HIGHLY anticipated Isla and the Happily Ever After (well I’m anxiously waiting for it at least) it’s nice to see the characters make little guest appearances. I would love nothing more than to just read more of them–read how they ended up finishing their senior year and had more “couple” time. They finally get together after all the angst and drama and they’re only together for like 10 pages….sad face for sure.

Let me say this, this book is my SECOND FAVORITE (right behind Anna) but this book is COMPLETELY FRUSTRATING! As well as the follow-up, which also made my list. Now for Just One Day, you have this girl, Allyson, a straight-laced chick on a trip to Europe who on a whim, the summer before she starts her first year at college, decides she’ll see where fate takes her with a handsome stranger whom can take her to Paris…for just one day. Now already you’re hooked–after reading the craziness and beautifulness of their one day, it goes to hell the next morning where him and her have separated! This chaos is created for Allyson’s life next several months, reeling from the aftermath, trying to find herself. And she does! She goes through this fantastic transformation and follows through and finally, FINALLY, SHE GETS THERE! She  finds him again back in Europe…by a miracle of miracles decides he’s moved on so she doesn’t talk to him….but then right at the end, RIGHT AT THE END she changes her mind to find him & knocks on his door!! And what happens next…..THE BOOK ENDS, THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS! I was so devastated that my character had turned over a new leaf, blossomed into this girl to woman and then you don’t get to read anymore. It just ….sad, but then…you got hopeful because, HELLO NEXT BOOK FROM STRANGERS POV!!….. *shall we?*

Hello book I had most anticipated last year! So you get the book and think to yourself, “Okay, okay, we know what happened to Willem and Allyson at the end…what happens next?! Do we get more of what happened next!!!??” Well folks……..we didn’t. Now the hardest thing about this book is right after it was released I met Gayle at a book event. So nice, very sweet and very honest. She explained how she loves setting up the story. She puts everything in place just so and then when you think you know what happens next, she cuts you off because she wants you as the reader to create what should/will happen next for the characters. While I do think this is a great idea, this book was here to rescue me from WHAT HAPPENS WITH WILLEM AND ALLYSON and that was kind of shattered. It was just….sad that she couldn’t give more. I kept reading and thinking, NO NO NOOOOO I need to know! And never got it.

To me this story is just so heartbreakingly good. It’s honest. It doesn’t sugarcoat. And it’s real because guess what? It does not follow your dreams in a book ending: no happily ever after. And that hurts. While some stories I finish and think, “Nice, they get to spend the rest of their lives together–it all worked out” or something along those lines but this was a strong female character who made a decision to get herself out of a situation and she did it for herself. Which is totally fine. I loved that–but you broke poor Park’s heart, Eleanor. And you broke mine too, as the reader that is. While teen romance always seems like fate when you read it, these characters just had a certain magic to them and I wanted their crappy lives to turn around and get a happily ever after. But nope….and it’s tough because you only get a little but your heart still aches.

delirium1Delirium is a really decent series, until you get to the second half of book two, Pandemonium and then you think, “um where is this going?” Delirium was a pretty cool idea about making falling in love outlawed. Love makes you do crazy things, it gives you passion–sometimes that’s good, sometimes it’s bad. I like this little alternate universe but the way this book ended? It could’ve ended in a two book series. No need for three. Or even just the one and leave everyone with a cliffhanger, but the series just ends up going downhill after this book which was kind of disappointing because I think Lauren Oliver had a great idea, she just didn’t follow through very well.

Req1The last in the Delirium series and definitely the worst of them. A love triangle that was COMPLETELY unnecessary–I felt like this was some weird bandwagon YA authors decided to all write and then this became an actual thing. But you developed this story that’s now coming to a head and you end it. Right when there was SOOOO much potential to dig deeper into this new craziness that occurs in this universe! Characters come back, fighting is all around–all hell breaks lose and then it ends. Just like that. More could’ve been put into this story to save this series and that was disappointing.

This is a Shatter Me series novella and …’s ….well I don’t know how to put it in words…unfair? Novellas are interesting and can be great things but this novella did nothing but annoy/anger me as a reader. You have Juliette, the main character who’s POV is used in the series, but when you read the novella you decide to get a taste of Warner’s piece of mind, his POV. After reading a number of chapters about a character I only had a certain view of, I now get this WHOLE new perspective of how he feels. Now my feelings for this storyline have completely turned around because of this short read. And frankly, that’s annoying because I wanted to feel what I felt as a reader. Now swayed and get a different feel because now I know more backstory to a troubled character and realize maybe there could be hope for the bad guy. Who does that? This was an unwise decision to post this before the series was finished but I feel like publishing companies have this in mind that this new information/novella is a money maker (which it is) so therefore, capitalize on it. 😦

fracture1See my comments up above regarding novellas. While this novella was from a different love interest’s POV, this was such a wasted novella. I learned nothing about the characters and no real development happened. A tiny bit happened, but I could’ve lived without reading this and just kept myself bouncing on my toes until Ignite Me comes out.


This book was such a page turner!! It’s a great read and it pulls you in–mystery on the wife, who’s a potential killer, who had intent to do it, why it happened and then BAM! The ending fails so hard. While it’s sorta been a while since I read it, I do remember thinking I could handle the ending and just be done with it, but the more I thought about it, the more I was sad it was lacking compared to the pace of the rest of the book. Never mind I was furious at the character’s decisions–more importantly Nick’s, his behavior and what he decided to do would be changed and he’d get the payback Amy had deserved for being a psycho.

OD1This book was given as a twitter rec to me ages ago! I had heard it was going to become a movie and was stoked because it’s a great story that spans through a good chunk of two friend’s lives together and apart. Sadly I was disappointed when they cast that guy from Across the Universe and NOT Andrew Garfield who was TOTALLY Dexter–I pictured him the WHOLE time while reading. No real face for Emma but probably Mireille Enos, AMC’s The Killing’s lead detective, could probably have pulled her off in the film version; but alas neither were picked. The story takes this friendship that fumbled at first, wasn’t even anything really, mutual friends had made them hang out, to a few years later they become closer, to a few more years pass and careers change–partners differ but the friendship keeps getting closer and closer until FINALLY these kids get their acts together and realize THEY’VE BEEN IN LOVE THE WHOLE TIME! Duh….c’mon now. Well things get to the next year: engagement, business is great, they’re SOOOO in love, and it’s really happening for them! They’ve taken so long and are now getting it right and moving in together, starting a life they always secretly wanted. And then….a bicycle/car crash. The ending just basically destroys the reader and it’s utterly heartbreaking. I would have this ending changed in a second for sure! A happily ever after with lots of babies and happy moments!

I know I put lengthy explanations and MAJOR spoilers but I’m sure most of you have read them already and have various opinions. I’d love to know what your wishlist would entail!! Did any of you agree with me?

Until next time…
xx Linz