1 : the quality or state of being addicted <addiction to reading>
2 : compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly : persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful

I started this blog to gush over my book buying addiction, hence the textbook definition up above.

But then this menial blog turned into trying to break my way into the book blogging community which is still a struggle but an absolute blast in the meantime! I’m meeting fantastic people, fangirl-ing with the best, and branching out to other areas of my expertise: being a pop culture nerd! As of right now there isn’t a huge demand for posts so they come as often or leisurely as I can get them to go live, but it’s still fun and it’s still great experience!

So enjoy any and all parts of my sinister book blog, which really is not as sinister as you’d think, I’m just an enthusiast of The Black Keys and it’s one of my favorite songs 😀

So please come and read how I waste, invest my paycheck.

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5 thoughts on “About

    • Haha! Yes new blog–hipster glasses is still a go 🙂 I’ve bought, what’s felt like a thousand books in just a few days, so I’m trying this blog to help tone down my spending. If I look at my posts on how many books I’ve recently bought I might curb spending. Don’t worry it all works out in my head haha! But this is solely about books…I might review too–then that might give my chance to get ARCs haha

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