Top Ten Tuesday – Best Books Read in 2015

December 15: Top Ten Best Books I Read In 2015, the weekly topic provided by The Broke & Bookish

I feel like I haven’t read a ton this year. Yes, my Goodreads clocks in at 69 books read but like some previous posts said, I read a lot of comics, individual issues give it that larger number. There’s also a bunch of titles that I’ve had on my shelves but actually hadn’t read–despite needing to buy upon release–so my list are just overall favorite reads of the year.




Tough choices seeing as I could add a few honorable mentions but I think this was a good list! Again, a tough reading year but definitely finally read some top choices!

See you next week 🙂 xx Linz aka The Kid


One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday – Best Books Read in 2015

  1. Saga! Ms. Marvel! PS I Still Love You! I’ll Meet You There! All such great books/graphic novels! I still need to read All the Light I Cannot See and Prisoner of Night and Fog, which I’m looking forward to getting to. Also need to re-read The Raven Boys so I can continue with the series. Great book list! Here’s to some more great reads in 2016!!

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