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Well my reading slump is still in full effect even though I’ve recently dabbled with an ARC that I’ll need to post soon and an audiobook but I still haven’t officially caught the bug again. I’m not sure why or what’s going on…maybe my brain is sick, but I was able to get through a comic book volume and I want to talk about my newbie status to the Comic world!


Ms. Marvel (Marvel NOW! Series) | G. Willow Wilson
Vol. 1: No Normal « Vol. 2: Generation Why « Vol. 3 : Crushed « Vol. 4: TBD
Publisher: Marvel
Pages: Varies …at least 100+, around 4-6 individual comic issues combined to make volume
Copy: Personal library/gift …must buy

Synopsis (via Goodreads):

The all-new MS. MARVEL, the ground breaking heroine that has become an international sensation! Kamala Khan is just an ordinary girl from Jersey City–until she is suddenly empowered with extraordinary gifts. But who truly is the all-new Ms. Marvel?

Again, as I’ve stated in some previous posts, I’m super new the comic world. I understand comic films but I’m very inexperienced when it comes to the comic book world so these thoughts and notions are purely from what I’ve experienced and not delving into previous Ms. Marvel storylines.

Overall with combining the two volumes I like Kamala A LOT! She’s ordinary, she’s that struggling teen we all were and her character is extremely relatable to. In the first volume you find that Kamala has a lot to bring to the superhero table but also has much she has to learn like how the job isn’t as easy as it looks. Even for someone like Peter Parker who was a young student like Kamala is, it’s tough to balance out the hero lifestyle while continuing to be the teen from Jersey City. She also has another element that crosses over into her Ms. Marvel life, the fact that she’s a practicing Muslim. What’s so cool is that G. Willow Wilson has incorporated teachings from the Islamic world and how they’re prevalent to discovering who you are, superhero or not. Looking at the bigger picture, asking for help–things do get tricky because as of right now where I’m at Kamala is trying to keep her identities separate (Ms. Marvel & Kamala teen) but I’m loving it a lot!

The second volume I was captivated by reading because it tells a real truth: this generation matters. The Inventor (an evil mastermind that Kamala has begun to take down a piece at a time) has decided to take advantage of missing teens and using all of their energy to power his machines. The Inventor eventually explains that this generation has nothing to give because they’re so sucked into an online world and glued to their phones. There may be some truth but Kamala Khan won’t stand for this sort of injustice because she knows it’s not right.

There will always be drawbacks to each generation, but there’s plenty to discover and revolutionize, it’s insane to dismiss a whole generation! Kamala helps the teens realize just how much potential they have if they believe in themselves and see how much of a difference they can make. To not let a crazy villain demoralize them because he thinks this generation has no worth. I can’t express how some of this could be true in our real lives. I’ve seen it more than ever, now that social media brings news swiftly and readily, there’s always something new to stand for, to discover, to try and change for the better. If we shout enough, voices can and will be heard. Even through art such as a comic book storyline, this is how you continue building the generation why!

Okay so I got a little preachy at the end but I still really recommend checking this comic out! This comic is so on point with bringing feminism, diversity, integrity into the comic book world for the better! You need to read Kamala’s story 🙂

until next time … xo Linz aka The Kid


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