You’ve Made Me Cry, But Not as Hard as You’ve Made Me Laugh

*cue the strings* …c’mon click it, I know you want to 😀

I honestly can’t remember how I was introduced to this show.

It might’ve been in Season 3 where I saw a clip of Will Forte guest starring in an episode where he wanted to add the Twilight book series to a time capsule for the show’s fictional town, Pawnee, and it was pretty hysterical. It’s obviously not as funny if you’ve never read/watched Twilight, but if you have? It’ll make you more than just chuckle. Right down to Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope getting compared to the Volturi for not letting them have a book discussion in her office. I’m 99% sure this was my introduction to a little show called

On January 13, 2015, life will get a little sadder, as one of my favorite television shows will start airing its final season: Parks & Recreation. Heading into their seventh season, this show is smart, witty, and one of the few great comedies that’s left on television. True comedy is hard to find these days and to have an ensemble cast such as those who grace the stage at City Hall in Pawnee, Indiana, I will miss them all dearly. I feel like this show isn’t as big as it should be, but in being a fan of something you’re bound to be biased at some point. It’s a comedy that usually has me crying almost every episode mainly because the characters, they just feel like family. The show makes me feel that it’s necessary to go along with the Parks department scolding, “Jerrrrryyyyy.” (I actually feel super sad for Jerry, I can’t help it 😉 )

Not only is the show ending for fans, I think it’s sad that this is ending an era of Must-See-TV comedies that have graced Thursday nights for NBC in a long time. It’s premiering on a Tuesday instead of its regular Thursday night time slot. Shows that have gone before to rule the Thursday line-ups are: Scrubs, Fraiser, Friends, Seinfeld, 30 Rock, Community, Will & Grace, and The Office, some real heavy hitters which still leaves me with a heavy heart.

I can’t express how much I love these characters and how they all click. They’re fun and they’re super quirky, relatable people you’d wish you knew. Leslie Knope is one of the fiercest female characters I’ve ever watched. She’s in the government and wants to make a difference. She never backs down and her enthusiasm to complete almost any and every task is just awe inspiring. I mean, how many people can do a rigorous task and then find the time to make a REALLY amazing scrapbook concerning said task the next day? She’s got so much energy, she’s terrible at writing short headlines for Shauna Malwae-Tweep to write up about, she’s an EPIC gift-giver, and every character on the show benefits from her determination. She’s also a feminist and I love her for it. I always say I wish I could have as much heart, as much dedication, as much love that Leslie Knope does and has. She bleeds her city, she loves her politics and morals, she’s pretty level-headed and in the end, no matter the dilemma she always comes out strong with a solution to pretty much everything. Forget Beyonce, Leslie Knope is this generations coolest feminist.

God, I can see some of the pitchforks coming after me, but if you’ve watched this show, Leslie is truly a great female character. I mean, how adorable is she?
I mean for God’s sake, she adores breakfast foods–waffles are her life’s sustenance  
Again, her dedication is admirable

She has an inner teenaged girl’s soul just like the rest of us when it comes to crushes, which she articulates so well

Her crushes are charming

She created her own holiday

When boys had their club, she never let the girls feel left out

Okay, so I didn’t mean for this to turn into a Leslie Knope superstar post, but you get the point. She’s awesome. And what can I say about the rest of the cast? I know I seem like I’m rambling if you’ve read up to this point but, if you’ve never given this show a chance do yourself a favor. Find a way to DVR/record this last season and find a weekend to binge watch the show and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I guess because I’ve fallen in love with: Leslie’s absolute passion, Anne’s determination, Chris’s zest for a happy spin on life, Ben’s adorkableness, April’s anti-social behavior, Andy’s foolishness but big heart, Ron’s no nonsense and simplistic manner, Tom’s love of the celebrity life, Donna’s sass and lifestyle, and lastly, Jerry’s ability to take one for the team—AND ALWAYS COMES THROUGH!

Now if you haven’t been sold on becoming a new fan of the show, there’s not much more I can do except weep that your life is seriously missing out on this amazingly, funny, delightful television show. A television show about a girl who was born with passion and such determination that took her to the highest places and all of those around her who helped get her there. A show that’s worth investing in, even if it’s the last season that’s to air on TV. To the cast of Parks & Recreation, cheers to you! You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry, you’ve made me ache—you’ve touched my heart in ways a fan can hardly find the words to describe.

Thank you.

Lastly, enjoy some of these amazing gifs I’ve trolled Tumblr for with examples of one of my favorite TV shows ever. Good night Pawnee. *drops mic*

Ben….why are you fictional…can’t you be real just for me? Please

Chris Traeger is just….is dedication to healthy living and being upbeat is infectious, and the way he pronounces “lit-traully” is my favorite:

Donna is the queen of swag and sass on the show:

and Donna and Tom Haverford’s duo is one of my favorite things:
Tom is everything with his need to glamorize-it-up

Ann…oh you…well, let Leslie explain
Andy…who is smart in his own way

April just understands my anti-social pain
Jerry…Garry…Larry…now possibly Barry…and maybe Terry?
And last but not least…the man who is…everything: Ron. Swanson.


*also all of these images & GIFs are courtesy of Google or Tumblr….*I DON’T OWN THESE IMAGES!*

much love….Linz aka The Kid


6 thoughts on “You’ve Made Me Cry, But Not as Hard as You’ve Made Me Laugh

  1. I CANT. THIS WAS GLORIOUS. I came across this one on Netflix a few years ago and binge-read the first three/four seasons before catching up to the live show. One of my absolute favorites. Donna is amazing, especially when she’s with Tom. Leslie’s love for Ann is my favorite. Andy is so cute and weird and stupid and UGH THIS SHOWWWWW

      • YAY!! I’m so glad you liked what I put together 🙂 It took forever because I wanted to include pretty much everything but could only do so much haha! And binge-watching is one of my most favorite things to do!! #righton

    • thank you 🙂 it’s hard to put in words how I love the show so I did the best I could. Yes, when you’re done you must *TreatYoSelf* 😉 and continue to catch up! You will not regret it

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