Top Ten Tuesday: Rough Reads edition

September 30: Top Ten Books That Were Hard For Me To Read (because difficult of book, subject matter, because it was cringeworthy– however you want to interpret), the weekly topic provided by The Broke & Bookish

Throughout my years of reading, I have noticed there are a few areas and subject matters that just really either hit home or I just get so enthralled in the story line that the characters’ feelings transfer into my own and I can read things so personally. My hard limits are usually best friends falling out/betrayal, lying on a big, grand scale/question of morality, and most importantly: bullying/neglecting others. Reading these topics can typically rock me to my core because I’ve either experienced these topics or I feel morally obligated to fight for these non-existent characters. They’re not real, but when I read the words that make these story lines come alive, I feel like I need to be on their team, on their side.

Here are some of my rough reads…even to think about some of these titles get me going, LOL!

Each of these titles had friendships rocked to the core and having been in similar situations, there’s nothing worse then giving your trust to someone and having things thrown in your face. Backstabbing. Severed ties. Bridges never mended.

There is nothing more that I hate, than a group of individuals who think they need to make up the rules of exclusivity. I’ve been a victim of it, I still witness it in current friendships and it’s really the saddest thing. Seeing someone stoop so low to keep control of a group of people because they have “influence” which is nothing more than mean-ness or low self-esteem. It irks me in real life and on the pages I read.


Just as much as the mean girl behavior gets me going, bullying is just plain unacceptable. Feeling the need to belittle someone for reasons you deem the sense of entitlement over another is pretty despicable. Especially those who are just their own different self. Those you are quiet. Those whom keep to themselves. Those who don’t wear the “right” clothes. Those who may have a different skin color. Those who are a different kind of popular than the clichéd expected cookie-cutter mold. People who are individuals for themselves scare those who like to conform and it’s just pathetic to see and I want nothing more than to help those. **Note that these titles actually deal with legitimate suicide or suicidal thoughts….as you can imagine, bullying is the root of the evil of thinking death is a better way out then to deal with the incessant torture. That’s how severe this behavior can be…pick up a newspaper you’ll see the real life repercussions.


So yes I actually have nine titles and not 10 but I put these two books (which makes the grand total of 11 titles) were hard books because of the overall heighten stages of these books:

Heir of Fire because you find out how MORE EFFED UP THE KING IS, meanwhile SO much shit goes down I just….my emotions were RAGING, literally at almost every character for what they had been put through…oh god, I have to stop because I can’t let my mind go back there again

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, again, because this book is EPIC. Like, battles everywhere, people good and bad just perishing and fighting evil in the face…there’s just a BUNCH of drama that makes you need to put the book down, but keep on reading, and then put the book down so you can grab a box of tissues because you will cry your eyes out for the last 200 or so pages of this series. It’s the finale of all finales. It’s a tough read, why? Because childhoods end. A story world created a magical place that has to now come to a close even though it breaks your heart to let it go on without you.


What are some of the titles that were difficult to read through? A few of these books aren’t even on my shelves anymore, that’s how much of a tough time I had reading them.


Until next time, Linz aka The Kid 🙂


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Author Event – Femme Fetale

I get really excited for any kind of bookish events—especially author events! Book Club and I had the pleasure of going to our favorite local indie bookstore, Children’s Book World, where some really awesome female YA lit authors were at the event promoting some of their recent releases!

Authors in attendance were:

Sarah J. Maas – Throne of Glass series, Heir of Fire newly released

Tiffany Schmidt – Bright Before Sunrise, most recent release

Susan Dennard – Something Strange & Deadly series, Strange and Ever After newly release

Elizabeth Norris – Unraveling series, Unbreakable most recent release

Kim, over at The Midnight Garden, was able to ask some great questions to get to know a little more about the authors—their past, present, and what’s in store for future titles the lovely ladies have written! While only having read Susan’s and Sarah’s stories, all authors have strong female characters and this is a trend that we are happy to see more of! I really enjoyed getting to know more about the authors and what had helped impact them to write. Finding out intimate details such as: personal stories woven into their character’s lives we’ve now read, the songs to help get the Muses of writing to bestow great words upon them, or just knowing their start of love of writing. Boys in biology or hearing about possible Justin Timberlake meets Indiana Jones fanfiction…Susan, yes I am looking at you and I love you even more for knowing this story now!

While, again, I haven’t gotten to read Liz’s and Tiffany’s work yet, I always feel like these events are similar to concerts. Sometimes you can listen to a song or a band’s work and you really enjoy them or you can’t stop listening to this one favorite track of theirs…but….there’s more to the band that you haven’t discovered yet. Seeing them LIVE and in person exposes you to a whole different realm and that’s why author signings like these are my favorite and are so eye-opening!

Each author was so relatable—Susan and Sarah’s banter was so refreshing to see because they are friends in real life and seem to have a great relationship which seems to boost their work and creativeness. All of the ladies made me feel like they’re able to simultaneously–write characters I love and swoon for, while wanting to grab a beer and hang out for movie marathons with!

Definitely excited to see and hear more about their releases which are slated for several dates in 2015!! *time can fly by please because these titles sound AH-MAY-ZING!*


Lastly, here are some photos from the event…again, Children’s Book World in Haverford, PA rocks! The staff are some of the best and they are so awesome for getting really fantastic YA authors available to sign and speak!

book club with some kick-ass authors

book club with some kick-ass authors

Next week hopefully I can get another post up because ALL HAIL STEPHANIE PERKINS WILL BE IN MY AREA!!! *CUE THE EXCITEMENT*

Linz aka The Kid xx