Top Ten Must Reads …. Y/N?

August 19:  Top Ten Books People Have Been Telling Your That You Must Read, today’s Top Ten Tuesday’s topic brought to you by The Broke & the Bookish (weekly bookish topic)


Most of these books are books on my TBR list already and a few aren’t because I don’t have much interest in them but they’re still rec’d to me or others:

–          Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas …recently heard some mixed reviews but almost everyone gives this a go! YES

–          The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer …I’m selective with retellings of original story lines, even with the added material that’s hers. NO

–          Under the Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi …same as ToG [see above] but I’m willing to give this a shot too! YES

–          Anything by Jojo Moyes …someone who can take my heart out and rip it to shreds, love to hate/hate to love #bringit YES

–          The Girl with All the Gifts …curious about this but good recs already so, yes please! YES

Books that I’ve recently read that were rec’d to me that I didn’t live up to the Hype:

–          Since You’ve Been Gone …just wasn’t impressed. Cover is gorgeous, love the concept, MC did not do it for me. PASS

–          We Were Liars …the “twist” was good…but not completely original. Good for book, hyped for me so not so shocking. PASS

–          Where the Stars Still Shine …heard this was a pretty decent book and it was just, meh. Not a thrilling read. PASS

Books I have that I’m nervous unsure of:

–          The Winner’s Curse …plenty of mixed reviews but I own this so it’ll get crossed off my TBR list someday. MAYBE

–          Jellicoe Road …epic book apparently, BUT i started it and got lost. I’m supposed push forward to get to the guts. PROBABLY


Did you read any of these and have similar/different thoughts? Come gush and let me know! Should I keep some on my list? Take some off?


Linz aka The Kid xx


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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Must Reads …. Y/N?

  1. I understand the mix reviews for Throne of Glass as I was hesitant myself however, it’s such a great series which gets progressively better and I recently read the novellas which are just as good as the series itself. Gaaah.

    I’ve only read Cinder but I enjoyed it enough to want to read Scarlet and Cress. I think you should give this a try.

    I want to read Under the Never Sky some day but not really in the mood to read The Winner’s Curse anytime soon.

    Uhh, I loved Since You’ve Been Gone. So sad to hear you didn’t. =/

    • YES! Just started ToG today and so far so good! I know there’s still all of this book and then three more but I’m trying to read slower so I don’t consume and get the saddest book hangover ever LOL!

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