The Saint ARC Review

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The Saint (The Original Sinners: White Years #1)
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Release Date: May 27, 2014
Pages: 420 pages, paperback
Received Copy: Electronic NetGalley Advanced Copy
Available for Purchase via Amazon

(Warning, this book is highly adult. It’s erotica and if that isn’t really your cup of tea, I’d suggest skipping reading up on this review. If you DO enjoy it or find it intriguing, please by all means continue to read on)


I was so SO lucky enough to be given access to to one of my favorite series, The Original Sinners by the lovely and brilliant Tiffany Reisz. I cannot express how much Harlequin rules in my book for giving me access through NetGalley–especially since I haven’t been blogging for long or have much luck scoring the awesome ARCs I usually look forward to getting my hands on!!!


ANYWAY….a little briefing:

For those of you who have no idea who Tiffany Reisz is or what The Original Sinners novels are, you MUST go and check them out before you read this review or novel! The Original Sinners is a fantastic story told through a series of erotic novels and novellas about the underworld of doms and submissives with a twist, but oh so good of a twist. Nora Sutherlin was a catholic school girl who then grew up and turned submissive, turned dominatrix, turned erotica novelist. PHEW haha, is this making you intrigued or uncomfortable? 😉

The Original Sinner series consists of four novels, starting with The Siren, where Nora completes and promotes her novels to later touching on the backstory of her life and the relationships she’s grown to fiercely love and respect. The cast of characters include, king of the BDSM underworld himself, Kingsley, Søren, bff to Kingsley as well as Nora’s everything: mind, body, and soul are owned by him….oh yeah and he’s a Catholic priest. I know, it’s a pretty crazy storyline, LOTS of sexual encounters to make you need to cross your legs or take a cold shower but I promise it’s SOOOO worth it!!

The newest series is a continuation of The Original Sinners called The White Years. The Original Sinners storyline takes place most in present time, with added reflection in days of past, but The White Years go back to the start. Søren as a freshly pressed priest at a small parish in Connecticut home to the sassiest and badass teen you’ll ever meet: Eleanor Schreiber. Eleanor is a free thinker, has a sassy mouth, bluntly speaks her mind, and does not mind being a sinner, not one bit. In The Saint you find out her moves and decisions made for the path she chose in life that you read in the stories before. You have insight to all of this and never mind a younger Søren: yes. please. It’s actually the ORIGINAL story of how the Original Sinners got their name, haha, or at least Nora. You travel from mid high school until mid college ending where her old life will cease to exist and she moves on into a world she never could have expected to exist.

Synopsis via Goodreads:

In the beginning, there was him. 

Gutsy, green-eyed Eleanor never met a rule she didn’t want to break. She’s sick of her mother’s zealotry and the confines of Catholic school, and declares she’ll never go to church again. But her first glimpse of beautiful, magnetic Father Søren Stearns and his lust-worthy Italian motorcycle is an epiphany. Suddenly, daily Mass seems like a reward, and her punishment is the ache she feels when they’re apart. He is intelligent and insightful and he seems to know her intimately at her very core. Eleanor is consumed—and even she knows that can’t be right.

But when one desperate mistake nearly costs Eleanor everything, it is Søren who steps in to save her. She vows to repay him with complete obedience…and a whole world opens before her as he reveals to her his deepest secrets. 

Danger can be managed—pain, welcomed. Everything is about to begin.




Things I Liked:

the Characters…
I was so happy to read teen Nora/Eleanor. She has such a mouth on her but that’s to be expected because of reading the first series. She goes through much more than I expected. When you’ve read The Original Sinners series, much of her story has been told but a good portion has been left out. It was very interesting to get this new perspective. I also really appreciated the flow of Tiffany’s characters. Never did I once think the story lost it’s purpose or the characters lose their voices. Everything flowed beautifully.

Tipsy Søren…
I mean honestly, I’m not going to say anymore on this, but this scene was BY FAR my favoritest (yes, it’s a word) of the book!!! This scene also involves might involve the official meeting of Kingsley. With this, you already see the dynamics there for the three of them to be the ultimate trifecta. UNF!!

the Storyline…
Once again Nora keeps up with the present timeline but also finds a way to explain her days of past. The flow is refreshing and I never was confused. It is a heavy recalling of her youthful days but there are some lovely, intimate times in the present for Nora Sutherlin.

the Continuation…
After flying through the ARC I had to make sure I emailed Tiffany my thoughts. I wanted to gush about this book but didn’t have a bunch of people I could tell so I went straight to discuss it with the source herself. I cannot express how excited and thrilled I am that Nora/Søren/Kingsley’s storyline continues!! I find these days erotica is hard to find: GOOD erotica. Not something cheap. Not something written for a paycheck. These characters have been given life and I’ve read it through all of Tiffany’s work. I thank her for that…so much!

the Lovin’…
Oh dear god. The passion is back! You feel it all and then some. The heat between Søren and Nora is there from Day 1. You understand it. It’s already been ingrained into your brain that these two have quite the history but The Saint certainly explains the beginning of it all and you’re the lucky reader to gets to happily enjoy the ride.
Things I Didn’t Like:

Present Time…
I will need to go back to re-reading the end of The Mistress to remember a certain character’s involvement, but said character is back and I’m not sure where this will all fit in. It’s not really something I *disliked* about the story but more light could’ve been shed on how connect they are with Nora. But I know Tiffany’s stories and I began to realize that throughout the The White Years series, this subject/character will be explained entirely. We’ll see the big picture eventually but this is only a little sliver of the storyline.


Other than that I don’t have much else to gush about other than if you’re a fan of BDSM, any fantastically, well-written erotica you will have to own this!! If you haven’t read the first series, The Original Sinners, I highly recommend starting it!! The novellas Tiffany has available are also great purchases to get as well as free treats on her website! YES. FREE!!!

If you’re just starting the series, I’d suggest you start with a novella called The Gift. I originally knew it as Seven Day Loan but this short story is a nice insight into Nora’s world. It’s a perfect mix of introduction and sexiness that you’re looking for. It’s a good glimpse that will leave you seriously wanting more! Then dive into The Siren, first of The Original Sinners series!!

Later sinners….

Linz aka The Kid xx


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