Bout of Books Review Roundup

Bout of Books Roundup

Hi Guys! Lordy, I am SOOO behind on everything. I find I have this new aversion to using my computer for anything—I’m addicted to my phone. But if I want to post anything or email, I get tired of my small screen and want my laptop. So alas, sorry I just watched Pirates of the Caribbean and I’m channeling Jack Sparrow’s ole English, I have not posted in forever. And weirdly enough, the Bout of Books got me into a reading mood and since it ended, I’ve gone and finished reading the book I was midway through the readathon along with two others.

I had so much fun doing it! I felt like I had a purpose to read. I think because I had a deadline I wanted to try and reach my goal. Sadly I just didn’t update my blog as much as I could.

Final tally:
Books Read: 4 Novellas; 1.5 books
Pages Read: 604

I was actually really happy with my picks because they were great stories I had finally decided to read! After it’s all said and done, I most definitely will be on the lookout for the when the next one starts up again. I’ll be ready and will try to keep that lofty goal I had like this time. Practice makes perfect 🙂


My Thoughts on Bout of Books I Read:

The Last Good Knight: novellas 2-5

Tiffany Reisz once again tastefully tells the tales of the hidden world of the BDSM underground, yes people, this is a mega adult book, and no matter what Tiffany writes, she will own my soul because I’m so heavily invested in her characters and the world she’s created I might have to make a kickstarter to fund her if she ever gets tired of writing them!! Each novella’s part reminded us how torn Nora’s life can be, she wants her normal life but at the same time, the rough and hard world she’s now grown up with is where she feels most comfortable. It’s difficult for her to find a happy medium and Lance, new character in Nora’s life, has a real chance of giving her what she’s wanted. Of course there’s a catch, there usually is, so she gets the distraction and tries to work out what’s best for herself and her lifestyle. The lovin’ is always OH SO good and the mystery of who the perpetrator is throughout the Kinglsey’s underground once again keeps the reader on edge.

Maybe Someday:

I apparently I read a description of a different book than what was on the jacket cover of Maybe Someday because I thought this had to deal with a pilot. LOL! It definitely didn’t but that wasn’t a big deal at all, I just was too busy confusing myself, but this book was really good! Colleen did a fantastic job with this story–it’s unique because the MC’s friend and neighbor happens to have a hearing disability. The idea that you read books with perfectly healthy people gets old and finding new and creative ways for your characters to interact like when they’re deaf, in Ridge’s case the story becomes so refreshing. The fact that we as humans can take for granted things that we don’t even have to think about because they’re so natural is really cool. Another part of the story I liked was the chemistry between main character Sydney and Ridge. Their passion for music and lyric writing was a great bond and that bond grew into something more, something desirable and lovable.

Two Boys Kissing:

My favorite of the bunch that I had read. David Levithan is easily my favorite male author. He writes so incredibly. So beautifully. He makes being different seem so normal–which is ironic because we’re a society that needs normality. We need to be alike because when you stray from the norm, there’s clearly got to be something wrong with you. David’s idea to have the story told from the eyes and minds of generations of gays past who were persecuted and struggled with the world’s views. The narrators were so inspiring, to read them watch from afar as current gays struggle to be accepted and live life to their fullest. The story lines that intersect with the two boys who are trying to record the world’s longest kiss are so similar yet so unique and I love how David writes them. I laughed. I cried. I was devastated reading how people’s behavior can be so awful and hateful. I wanted to weep for characters that don’t exist but I know very well that these people exist in others that are living right now, I just don’t know their names. I don’t know their stories. But the fact that David brings to the table yet another book on a person trying to be themselves and dealing with the struggles is such a treat to read.


I have a few more reviews I want to post soon so they’re coming along but I’m so happy Bout of Books is over and that it kickstarted my reading again!

Linz xx


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