brief update!

Update & announcement…

So I’m trying to come into my own as a blogger, especially book blogger and it’s difficult because I want to establish an identity. My blog layout needs work, but I can figure that out as needed but my persona is what I’ve been trying to think of.

Recently at ALAMW I saw several bloggers walk around that all knew their game, had themselves established and I just don’t feel like I’m there yet.

I already have a personal blog (which gets neglected FAR too often) but eventually I’ll see if I can merge the two. That being said, I’ve been leaning towards rocking my twitter roots to help get things going.

Sinister Kid is an amazing song by one of my favorite bands, The Black Keys, which I incorporated into my Twitter name. I have have select friends whom all refer to me as The Kid because of that name so voilà. And I love bookish things sooooo behold my merger:

*throws confetti* Pretty sure I’m going to be sticking to this one for a while…so yep, that’s my news!

Until next time
xx Linz


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