Top Ten Tuesday: On My Reading Wishlist *spoilers*


It’s that time of the week where I have fun making a top ten list, courtesy of The Broke & the Bookish.

For January 21: Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist (if you could make authors write about these things you would. Could be a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a time period, a certain plot, etc.)

Now, I have to dig deep because I’ve read a lot (well not as much as I’d like to) and need to narrow down what would be the absolute bestest for my reading wishlist according to ME! 😀 PLEASE NOTE!!!!! SPOILERS WILL BE MENTIONED!!! Seriously, no joke, if you haven’t read the following: One Day, Just One Day, Just One Year, Eleanor & Park, Requiem (Delirium series), Gone Girl, Destroy Me (Shatter Me series), Anna and the French Kiss, Fracture Me (Shatter Me series), and/or Delirium (Delirium series) look away now!!! 

This is pretty much my favorite book ever. Anna and St. Clair, they’re just *hearts floating all around*….sighhhhhh. Anyway, I guess the fact that they’re still in the companion books to Anna, aka Lola and the Boy Next Door and should be in the HIGHLY anticipated Isla and the Happily Ever After (well I’m anxiously waiting for it at least) it’s nice to see the characters make little guest appearances. I would love nothing more than to just read more of them–read how they ended up finishing their senior year and had more “couple” time. They finally get together after all the angst and drama and they’re only together for like 10 pages….sad face for sure.

Let me say this, this book is my SECOND FAVORITE (right behind Anna) but this book is COMPLETELY FRUSTRATING! As well as the follow-up, which also made my list. Now for Just One Day, you have this girl, Allyson, a straight-laced chick on a trip to Europe who on a whim, the summer before she starts her first year at college, decides she’ll see where fate takes her with a handsome stranger whom can take her to Paris…for just one day. Now already you’re hooked–after reading the craziness and beautifulness of their one day, it goes to hell the next morning where him and her have separated! This chaos is created for Allyson’s life next several months, reeling from the aftermath, trying to find herself. And she does! She goes through this fantastic transformation and follows through and finally, FINALLY, SHE GETS THERE! She  finds him again back in Europe…by a miracle of miracles decides he’s moved on so she doesn’t talk to him….but then right at the end, RIGHT AT THE END she changes her mind to find him & knocks on his door!! And what happens next…..THE BOOK ENDS, THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS! I was so devastated that my character had turned over a new leaf, blossomed into this girl to woman and then you don’t get to read anymore. It just ….sad, but then…you got hopeful because, HELLO NEXT BOOK FROM STRANGERS POV!!….. *shall we?*

Hello book I had most anticipated last year! So you get the book and think to yourself, “Okay, okay, we know what happened to Willem and Allyson at the end…what happens next?! Do we get more of what happened next!!!??” Well folks……..we didn’t. Now the hardest thing about this book is right after it was released I met Gayle at a book event. So nice, very sweet and very honest. She explained how she loves setting up the story. She puts everything in place just so and then when you think you know what happens next, she cuts you off because she wants you as the reader to create what should/will happen next for the characters. While I do think this is a great idea, this book was here to rescue me from WHAT HAPPENS WITH WILLEM AND ALLYSON and that was kind of shattered. It was just….sad that she couldn’t give more. I kept reading and thinking, NO NO NOOOOO I need to know! And never got it.

To me this story is just so heartbreakingly good. It’s honest. It doesn’t sugarcoat. And it’s real because guess what? It does not follow your dreams in a book ending: no happily ever after. And that hurts. While some stories I finish and think, “Nice, they get to spend the rest of their lives together–it all worked out” or something along those lines but this was a strong female character who made a decision to get herself out of a situation and she did it for herself. Which is totally fine. I loved that–but you broke poor Park’s heart, Eleanor. And you broke mine too, as the reader that is. While teen romance always seems like fate when you read it, these characters just had a certain magic to them and I wanted their crappy lives to turn around and get a happily ever after. But nope….and it’s tough because you only get a little but your heart still aches.

delirium1Delirium is a really decent series, until you get to the second half of book two, Pandemonium and then you think, “um where is this going?” Delirium was a pretty cool idea about making falling in love outlawed. Love makes you do crazy things, it gives you passion–sometimes that’s good, sometimes it’s bad. I like this little alternate universe but the way this book ended? It could’ve ended in a two book series. No need for three. Or even just the one and leave everyone with a cliffhanger, but the series just ends up going downhill after this book which was kind of disappointing because I think Lauren Oliver had a great idea, she just didn’t follow through very well.

Req1The last in the Delirium series and definitely the worst of them. A love triangle that was COMPLETELY unnecessary–I felt like this was some weird bandwagon YA authors decided to all write and then this became an actual thing. But you developed this story that’s now coming to a head and you end it. Right when there was SOOOO much potential to dig deeper into this new craziness that occurs in this universe! Characters come back, fighting is all around–all hell breaks lose and then it ends. Just like that. More could’ve been put into this story to save this series and that was disappointing.

This is a Shatter Me series novella and …’s ….well I don’t know how to put it in words…unfair? Novellas are interesting and can be great things but this novella did nothing but annoy/anger me as a reader. You have Juliette, the main character who’s POV is used in the series, but when you read the novella you decide to get a taste of Warner’s piece of mind, his POV. After reading a number of chapters about a character I only had a certain view of, I now get this WHOLE new perspective of how he feels. Now my feelings for this storyline have completely turned around because of this short read. And frankly, that’s annoying because I wanted to feel what I felt as a reader. Now swayed and get a different feel because now I know more backstory to a troubled character and realize maybe there could be hope for the bad guy. Who does that? This was an unwise decision to post this before the series was finished but I feel like publishing companies have this in mind that this new information/novella is a money maker (which it is) so therefore, capitalize on it. 😦

fracture1See my comments up above regarding novellas. While this novella was from a different love interest’s POV, this was such a wasted novella. I learned nothing about the characters and no real development happened. A tiny bit happened, but I could’ve lived without reading this and just kept myself bouncing on my toes until Ignite Me comes out.


This book was such a page turner!! It’s a great read and it pulls you in–mystery on the wife, who’s a potential killer, who had intent to do it, why it happened and then BAM! The ending fails so hard. While it’s sorta been a while since I read it, I do remember thinking I could handle the ending and just be done with it, but the more I thought about it, the more I was sad it was lacking compared to the pace of the rest of the book. Never mind I was furious at the character’s decisions–more importantly Nick’s, his behavior and what he decided to do would be changed and he’d get the payback Amy had deserved for being a psycho.

OD1This book was given as a twitter rec to me ages ago! I had heard it was going to become a movie and was stoked because it’s a great story that spans through a good chunk of two friend’s lives together and apart. Sadly I was disappointed when they cast that guy from Across the Universe and NOT Andrew Garfield who was TOTALLY Dexter–I pictured him the WHOLE time while reading. No real face for Emma but probably Mireille Enos, AMC’s The Killing’s lead detective, could probably have pulled her off in the film version; but alas neither were picked. The story takes this friendship that fumbled at first, wasn’t even anything really, mutual friends had made them hang out, to a few years later they become closer, to a few more years pass and careers change–partners differ but the friendship keeps getting closer and closer until FINALLY these kids get their acts together and realize THEY’VE BEEN IN LOVE THE WHOLE TIME! Duh….c’mon now. Well things get to the next year: engagement, business is great, they’re SOOOO in love, and it’s really happening for them! They’ve taken so long and are now getting it right and moving in together, starting a life they always secretly wanted. And then….a bicycle/car crash. The ending just basically destroys the reader and it’s utterly heartbreaking. I would have this ending changed in a second for sure! A happily ever after with lots of babies and happy moments!

I know I put lengthy explanations and MAJOR spoilers but I’m sure most of you have read them already and have various opinions. I’d love to know what your wishlist would entail!! Did any of you agree with me?

Until next time…
xx Linz



2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: On My Reading Wishlist *spoilers*

  1. I skimmed some of these because I haven’t read them yet and was scared of spoilers… but one I agree with you on COMPLETELY is the Destroy Me novella. It didn’t sway my feelings (THANK GOODNESS!!), but it sure did sway a whole lot of people! It’s frustrating because as a reader, I don’t want to feel FORCED into reading extra “stuff” that SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUT IN THE BOOK IF IT WAS THAT IMPORTANT. If it is just bonus material that’s one thing, but Destroy Me was waaay more than just bonus material– it’s a game changer! I agree on the money thing too. I hate paying $3 for like 70 pages. I haven’t read Fracture Me yet– not sure I will, but I do love Adam!!

    • I know…it’s the worst because it’s just not super necessary 😦 Fracture Me just wasn’t worth it. I didn’t learn much so you’re okay with passing on it for now

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