Fault Line: Review (book club pick)

Where to even begin with this one….okay here goes:

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Fault Line
Author: C. Desir
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: 2012
Pages: 226, Hardcover
Received Copy: friend loan

For January’s book club pick we chose Fault Line by C. Desir. Now going into reading this I already knew what to expect. I had read a blog post late last year that was tweeted out and decided to read up on it. Fault Line’s subject matter is a stressful topic to tackle, to talk about, think about, and let alone WRITE about it but sometimes that can be cathartic.

The story is told through Ben’s eyes, soon to be & then becomes boyfriend to Ani, the new girl in town who’s pretty spunky and down to earth. Not afraid to be herself and speak her mind. Until a few months into the relationship something goes down at a party: Ani was there and Ben was not. What happens at the party is different but definitely along the lines of last year’s upsetting national headlines Steubenville rape case, while luckily social media wasn’t an added factor in this story, the amount of guys, the acts…you know where I’m going with this; it’s similar.

The book does a pretty good job of attempting the realistic: the shutdown of both the boyfriend and girlfriend’s lives–they change, they’re closed off, they act out, they don’t tell others and try to deal with the burden and trauma on their own terms. Every person acts differently and it was sad to see Ani’s character go into a downward spiral and to read how she made herself feel, to prove right others expectations from this one tragic night.

Things I liked:
-the realistic approach and not making it all sunshine and rainbows, it’s dark, and while it could seem unrealistic, I’ve read a bunch of posts on sites like XO, Jane where women have recounted their stories and a bunch acted out exactly how Ani did.
-the voice of Ben; really interesting to see through the prescriptive of someone who didn’t witness it, wasn’t around for it but just the before and aftermath.
-the fact that this is not your average YA novel…this might actually be more New Adult, but don’t quote me on that

Things I didn’t like:
-It was a little too short, or rather the ending fell flat. It would’ve been nice to see where things happened to go a little later on with the characters or a little more of Ben’s discussion when he goes to Ani’s house right before the book ends
-Obviously: the subject matter. It gets me too enraged. It gets my blood boiling when this stuff actually happens in real life–not just a made up story but girls and guys who suffer this every day.
-In the beginning of the story the dialogue sometimes felt a little cheesy but did get a bit better the rest of the way through

Overall rating: if you’re going to read this book, borrow it from a friend or library loan it–it’s a decent book but it’s a rough read you might not want to leave on your shelf.



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