Top Ten Tuesday: TTT Book Goals/Resolutions for 2014

So, nothing like starting off the new year with a new tradition. Apparently the book blogging world (thanks to The Broke & the Bookish) have a weekly Top Ten Tuesday where fellow bloggers list their top picks via the prompt given.

For January 7th, 2014: Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014 (bookish, not bookish or a blend)
So let’s get to it…   I’ve decided to make five bookish goals and five non-bookish goals, the bookish goals first:

Probably my most obvious of the goals is my Goodreads 2014 challenge which is to complete 50 book titles. In 2012 I read 26 books (? i think) and decided that was like…HUGE! I hadn’t really started falling in love with reading until college and I broke out into the midst of Harry Potter–those movies got me hooked! After that, some historical and random school books here and there, thus leading me to a random day at Barnes & Noble where they would not stop talking about Breaking Dawn coming out in a few weeks! “PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!” they shouted over the loud speaker, where I then sat at a cafe table thinking “Um sorry, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel are the only universes I want to know about where a human falls for a vampire, mmmkay?” Well joke’s on me because I bought into it–which was kind of a blessing. I immersed myself into reading fanfiction which then lead me to the discovery of fic authors twitters which lead me to OOH you like Twilight and Harry Potter, check out Hunger Games, which then made me go crazy into the book-loving community! So it all worked out. Those little words on pages can get you places, so don’t ignore them!

As I was saying, the past few years I keep progressing my goal, 26 books, turned into 50 books for 2013–my original goal was 35, so I’m hoping that setting the goal for what I actually was able to read this year I can surpass it yet again!

Explore some different genres. I stick to too much YA. Not that this is a problem but, I probably should branch out. Or at least read YA novels but read more that are paranormal or dystopian because I predictably read a lot of “Janey’s-in-high-school-and-Rachel-is-a-mean-girl” “George-likes-Kelly-but-she’s-the-cool-girl-who-will-inevitably-fall-for-his-geeky-side”-kind of books. Stepping outside of the box can really be exciting and who knows what kind of new authors/genres I’ll grow to love just like my high school drama classics?!

BLOG MORE! Obviously I started this on a whim and I have a personal blog that gets neglected, but I really feel like sometimes when you blog you can make other connections. You can create friendships, you build certain skills. As I’m discovering, while growing up practically during a rapid technology revolution, blogging is so freaking foreign to me! What happened to the Myspace days where like layouts were so easy to manipulate? Now I have to find new avenues to create things and realize that without step-by-step processes on YouTube, I kinda suck. Which is terrible because in my family I’m like the QUEEN of all things technological!! I cannot be dethroned!

Creating new ideas to post, see if maybe I can branch out into getting ARCs and reviewing them instead of just pulling them off my personal library shelves and posting. I mean, who doesn’t want to read something before everyone else gets to? DUH! ME! I DO! So I would love to put more effort into that. Anddddd duh-duh-duhhhhh it includes this post: Top Ten Tuesday! I guess I’m on my way already!

Book events galore! I was so excited to meet some really awesome authors last year: Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs, Elizabeth Wein, Gayle Forman, Leila Sales! All so wonderful and fun to meet! It’s nice to just do something local and I’m extremely lucky I live in an area where I can have access to meet them. The book club that I joined also helps make it possible (psst, they’re the coolest) and they’ve helped me branch out and look for authors who have appearances close by. Even if we can’t all see them, I’m ready to go out and be a fangirl all by myself.

This year I’m extremely excited because I’ll be attending the Midwinter ALA and then in the spring I  get to do Power Reader day for BEA! Guys, B-E-A!! I AM GOING TO GET ALL THE BOOKS!! I don’t care who’s at BEA, but I will gladly see whomever! And ALA has one of my new favorite authors: RAINBOW ROWELL! HOLLER!!! So 2014 should be very exciting! (sorry about the exclamation points, but like…GAHH!!! *needed*)

Hmm…this last one is a toughy because I’m running out of book goals. Ah! I’ve found one!
I’d probably like to 1. ….now guys, don’t judge, but….I should go and get a library card. *hangs head in shame* I know. Believe me, I know. But here’s the thing. I have a bit of an OCD thing….books I love have to be hardcover. If a cover changed it’s format I’ll probably need another new book. If I read it on Kindle and fell in love, I’ll probably need to own it, etc… But for the books I just say, “eh, you were okay”? I’d like to not waste my money. I should invest in *not investing* (it makes sense!) on books that I’m not excited to read. I’d like to save money.

Another thing that could be really cool at a library is volunteering. I still have no idea what I’d like to do in life, but reading has given me a good outlet. Believe me I’d rather not be drug addicted or in major debt or having a kid…things I’m not ready for and do some reading. While it’s not always wise to keep your nose in a book because you can miss out on good stuff around you, you can educate yourself–and that’s super important. So maybe going to the library I could see some kids who want to learn to read or elderly whom want to hear stories, whichever, maybe the library would know how to help me out in that department.

Now onto the big non-bookish goals of 2014…

Ugh. Life. Where do we begin by trying to pick the pieces a part on what I’d love to change? Well for starters, my actual self is the best place to begin.

I don’t know what happened but one day my brain decided to play a trick on me. It said, “No matter what you do, you will not come close to others around you: in looks, in intelligence, in your career, etc” Sucky brain, right? Well it’s time I try to stop that. 1. It’s not healthy. 2. It does nothing but keep me down and feel god, awful depressed. 3. I can’t help but project myself to others and they think of my behavior just like my mind does. Basically this isn’t fun for anyone. I’d like to take deep breaths and say “I can do it”…cheezy but possibly helpful?

Still focusing on goals to better myself, the next is fairly easy: more running! Now I have a slight medical issue right now where I needed minor surgery but I feel like after I figure this thing out, I want to break out my newly received gym membership and go to town!

Last year I got myself to use the Couch 2 5K app on my smartphone and I actually got up to where I could run, albeit not the fastest, but could run a 5K! Took me like 2.5 months of consistent getting out onto a track and just getting lost in my footsteps. In the end I ran three in two months! I’d like to run more and work myself up to a 10K or something longer.

Next move for myself is my…..appetite. It’s bad. Like really bad. On New Year’s Eve I was told to calculate my Starbucks habit. Oh god. Not a good idea! DON’T EVER DO IT! Well I did it. And not only am I burning a hole through my bank account (sorry Starbucks, you deliciously overpriced caffeinated drinks) I’m probably burning a hole through my stomach lining. I need to cut down. I need to cut so much from my diet, not just from a “look better, feel better” point of view, but I’ve got some rough diseases in my family history and it’d be nice if I could stop them before they hit me hard and I can’t do much about it. Less sugar, less carbs, less…well definitely sugar and carbs but also trying to see a nutritionist. This can help better my knowledge on what healthier choices I should opt for when eating and going about my day. Instead of the ole, “Hi, can I have an everything bagel toasted with butter annndddddd aaaaaa grande vanilla spice latte?”…. BUT SERIOUSLY STARBUCKS WHEN WILL YOU BRING IT BACK BECAUSE THAT WILL BE MY MONTHLY TREAT! OH PLEASE OH PLEASE!

I would probably say getting a life is definitely on my list. Sometimes it’s good to forget the online world. In the end, social media can be amazing but it can also be the worst thing for you. I’ve officially dropped Facebook, something I do not regret. Instagram and Twitter are probably the two that just take over my life. Why should I care about putting up a thousand hashtags so my pics get liked? Why do I want to figure out who unfollowed me on Twitter? I don’t. And I shouldn’t. It messes with my brain, and half the time, while I love all of you, I don’t know you. A few I have actually met, but…here’s the thing. My Twitter timeline is NOT the same as it was in 2009 when I joined. I’ve made several twitter handles and dropped them as well. I had an account (that was linked to so much) and had almost 90K in tweets! Like….what was so important that I needed to share with the world? I don’t want creepers to find me, so I keep personal stuff to a minimum. I didn’t become famous (psst I’d need a lot more tweets). I didn’t have some life altering event that needed play by plays. So, I guess I’d like to tone it down on the social media. Especially since half the people I loved before don’t make time for me, we stopped liking the same things, and people whom I thought I had cool connections with just became another level of high school drama where it hurt to look at the times because I was ignored and left out. Not worth it.

And finally….sorry sorry, I’m a chatty Kathy, I won’t get this in depth next week…lol

Changing my status: out of the house/new job/possible dating:
These things all majorly suck in my life right now. Still at home (barely saving), miserable at my work, and have been boyfriend-less since the dawn of time. I’d LOVEEEE to tackle some of these! Any of these! I’d probably say the most important is a job. When you graduate college and become that adult you always thought in your head was the coolest, but guess what: it’s really not, then believe me when I say, that time should be spent not wanting to pull your hair out. You want to grow, learn, meet people, continue your ethics. I can’t really say that. I’ve learned some tough lessons, but I want to be happy, or at least semi, semi-happy when the alarm goes off every morning. Not dreading my time until 5pm when I can peace out.

Okayyyyy that’s it! My first Top Ten Tuesday is complete! Success?! um…hopefully?

xx Linz


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: TTT Book Goals/Resolutions for 2014

    • Haha thank you! A problem I have, I usually put too much on my plate at once. But I think the real-life goals will be more of a challenge even if I do a little at a time, the book goals should be a piece of cake 😉

  1. YAY!! You did it!!! I think these are great goals… I want to read more books out of my typical genres and plots as well. After a while they start to blend together– same story, different names. Ha- you crack me up about starbucks.. you need to just get coffee…. plain coffee. haha.. you get the caffeine, but not the calories/sugar, PLUS YOU WILL SAVE MONEY!! It’s hard though. Starbucks is evil and the drinks taste sooo freaking good.

    • Thank you!! I know super exciting! Ps, when I was snooping on your blog to figure out the different font thing–btw, we’ll be discussing that mess later–I was like holy crap amazeballs! Your site is awesome! You’ve got to teach me for sure ❤

      I know, the black coffee is where I've got to go too…except if they bring back those Vanilla Spice Lattes! 😀 😀 And we can explore the new genres together!! Get you to read some of the fluffy and/or sad :/ xx

  2. Good luck on your goals! No judgements here on the library card–I didn’t get one until last year. It’s been really great, though, because if I love a library book, I can always buy it later, instead of buying a book right away that I may not like. I need to find a new job too! My job is part of a program that I always knew was only going to last a year, and I’m leaving in July. I don’t really like my job right now, BUT it’s definitely taught me what I don’t like, which I hope will help on my job search.

    • Thank you! Oh I’m glad I’m not alone in getting one. It’s not that I’ve never had one, I just haven’t in a while because I didn’t start loving reading until a few years back. And I’m constantly going into a bookstore and saying, “Yes I’ll take them all, please.” haha so I should probably curb spending, which will obviously help in the long run.

      The job situations are tough. If I could go back to college–rather back in time, I’d try and figure out a better direction to get myself prepared for graduating because I sure as heck wasn’t. I agree though, when you’ve experienced the hardships, it does help you realize what you DON’T want, and that’s a good a start as any. Good luck too!!

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