Good Day, 2014, you are a new year

So I’m the worst. No literally I have this blog and another personal blog and I’m literally SO behind on all things. Blogging is really difficult, other bloggers, my hat goes off to you–or whatever the saying is, because it’s hard to find blogging time, topics, thoughts to post so congrats to those who manage it!

That being said, because it’s the first day of a brand new year, I’m going to pretend I haven’t been neglecting my blogs and will attempt at posting more. I swear. Seriously I swear.

First thing first is, despite the drama that is Goodreads, it’s still extremely useful for shelving books/keeping friends/finding recs, etc. so I’ve made my 2014 Challenge!

Goodreads Challenge 2014

Goodreads Challenge 2014

Now I reached that in 2013. I actually re-read three books but Goodreads won’t let me re-mark that I read them again so it says I finished 2013 reading 47 books but really I read 50. Therefore I decided if this year I could read 50, let’s make my actual goal 50! I think it’s setting myself low-mediocore because several bookish friends can read WAY more than that but, what I have time for, I’ll have time for.

I’m excited for this year because I’ll be visiting the ALA in Philadelphia at the end of January with my book club and will try to get at least one day in at……*drumroll please* B….E…A!!! WOOT WOOT! Talk about book heaven! Never mind at ALA, none other than one of my FAVORITE YA novelists, Rainbow Rowell will be there! (cue the Fangirl-ing–pun intended) So while personal health reasons I’ve started out 2014 lousy, I have managed to start book 1 for my 50 per year challenge and

secret santa book club-style

secret santa book club-style

I’ve already written in my cooler than cool journal that my book club secret santa gave me. A decent effort on my part, let’s just see how long it will continue for. As of now I don’t have many other bookish resolutions for the upcoming year other than to blog more and continue to read whatever I can. Hope everyone has a great 2014!!

xx Linz


2 thoughts on “Good Day, 2014, you are a new year

  1. I’m scared to do a goodreads challenge. haha In my head I told myself I wanted to read 100 books in 2013….. I looked at my list and guess how many I read?? 100!!! Exactly 100! I finished the book I was reading around 11:45 New Year’s Eve. LOL Whaaat Whaaat! I think I’ll shoot for another 100 this year. We’ll see what happens!
    I am soooo excited for both ALA and BEA this year! We’re gunna have soooo much fun! By the way, I’m starting Attachments tonight!

    • Yay!!!! Oh man, see? My 50 is super lame haha, but dang girl, 100 is impressive! Hopefully I can get my book stuff together and keep up with this. I think day 1 is down, just 364 more to go 😉 haha! xo

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