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Night Film …my new favorite, one you’ll love

So, after a little over a week I have FINALLY finished one of my favorite books so far of 2013, Night Film by Marisha Pessl. The novel has a great dark feel to it and it takes you on twists and turns.

Scott McGrath, a veteran investigative reporter, gets news of noir and mysterious film director Stanislas Cordova’s daughter Ashley has died. He has had fascination with the director, among the rest of the world, and at one point set out to end Cordova’s career but ended up dropping it and having his career and life take a flop in return.

In his investigation two people team up with him, Hopper and Nora–connections to Ashley’s last whereabouts, to tag along and piece the clues together. Ashley’s moves are mysterious and as they begin to unravel you are taken on quite the journey. The journey just gets deeper until you, the reader, and McGrath don’t know what’s reality and what’s mystical?

In a recent Entertainment Weekly issue, Night Film was mentioned and from the brief article I read I was hooked! I usually tend to read a lot of YA books but I am known to venture into other genres. The feel to this book was great and creepy–Halloween is just around the corner and I couldn’t think of a better book to set the mood. This is her second novel and while not having read Pessl’s debut, it’s most definitely on my must-read list now!

One last thing that I really enjoyed about the book: the interactiveness for McGrath and the reader. You’ll notice when you pick up your physical copy that a bunch of pages are black. This is because you are taken out of your world and into Scott McGrath’s. You read notes of his, articles online, webpages from illicit Cordova sites, police reports, etc. the list goes on. Also note that a spray painted bird, a known logo for the Cordova fans, appears sprayed throughout the novel which is for the reader’s benefit! Turns out you can flip back in the book and download a free app that will give you extra knowledge about the book! I’ve read a few reviews posted a few months ago that the app had a hard time used with e-Readers or tablet devices to work. I had no problem working the app, I think it’s worked out a lot of kinks. The info is pretty cool: interviews with Ashley’s doctor at Briarwood, the Cordova copycat killer, Ashley’s music pieces, a brief trailer for one of the films, and my favorite was the movie posters of Cordova’s films. They’re really legit looking, always fitting the era they were filmed in. The music in some of the background is quite creepy too! I think this is a book that might start a trend because the interactive feel the book has is really fun and different!

night film