Welcome to the world of “We don’t really need another book but we’ll buy it anyway”

I’m an addict. Yes, it’s true. But what’s great is that I belong to a community just like you! (well you do if you read this)

Books are gems.

They’re enticing.

They make you think.

They educate you.

They look pretty on your shelf for decoration.

They can come in handy if a cute boy comes walking by and asks you what it’s about.

They’re the best!

And guess what else!!??? THE PAGES ARE FILLED WITH MARVELOUSLY, BEAUTIFUL WRITTEN WORDS! These words come together just so and we can’t get enough of them!

please read responsibly

please read responsibly

I’ve decided to create this fun blog to post about my addiction. To book buying that is. It’s currently four days before September and I’ve already spent a hefty amount of money on books this year. My rough estimate is $250. This isn’t good. Especially since I definitely need to get my priorities in life straightened out. But the point is I’ve come to understand that I do in fact have an addiction. The people who have library cards–I envy them! I could have one too–I probably do have one around here somewhere. But to me, I have to own the book. If I took out from the library my favorite book, Anna and the French Kiss which I happen to have read four times, I’d have to take it out of the library every time. Now libraries should not go out of business or anything. I just have a problem that I need to have access to that book at all times, dog-ear the pages, and write notes in it whenever I please. You can’t deface a library book, kids. That’s why I buy. And buy. AND BUY!

I’m not sure I know my grand total of how many books I own, but if you can judge by the price I listed earlier, you’ll know I probably own a decent amount. So, with each post I hopefully (crosses fingers) would like to share with you my purchases and maybe you can help me tone it down? ORRRR just get inspired by what I read and then go out and buy it yourself and we can have readalongs on Twitter!!


Much love xo Linz


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